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Introduction to Online Fruit Machines

The name fruit machine grew as a result of the image traditionally used for these slots machines, which featured brightly coloured lemons and cherries and other fruit that gamblers would attempt to line up as the spinning reels came to a halt. These games are very popular in the United Kingdom, largely thanks to the […]

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Steam Punk Heroes Online Slot Reviewed

Steampunk is fast becoming a popular area of fascination for many people around the world. This industrial, post-apocalyptic offshoot of science fiction offers a new, if not romanticised view of steam-powered technology that has a quirky Victorian-era aesthetic. Steam Punk Heroes, a five reel online slot, fits the eccentric steampunk genre perfectly.

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Explaining Mobile Online Boule Games for Casino Players

Considered the toy of the century, the greatest tool invented and civilisations’ biggest advance, depending on who one is talking to, the amazing device that is the smartphone has changed the way communications are effected. Over and above the ability to make voice calls, the internet capabilities of the smartphone means emails, text messages and […]