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Biggest Sports Betting Wins That Were Ever Recorded

Everyone fantasizes about placing that one perfect bet that will take them from rags to riches in one fell swoop. Few have been able to muster the courage to keep their eyes on the prize and put it all on the line, though many have placed sports bets that others would have called frivolous and gone home with legendary payouts.

This article delves into some of the biggest wins ever recorded by those who had the backbone to trust their instincts.

James Adducci

At the time of his incredible win, Adducci was 39 years old and well acquainted with the backbreaking labor of a blue-collar worker. In a controversial move, Adducci placed a whopping $85 000 bet on Tiger Woods to win the 2019 Masters Tournament held in Augusta, Georgia.
Woods had been off his game for a over a decade, failing to bring home a major title for 11 years. This prompted bookmakers to offer 14-to-1 odds on Woods achieving a victory in the prestigious Masters Tournament. Adducci’s sharp instincts and the favorable odds on Woods resulted in a $1.19 million payout for the Wisconsin resident.

Bill Walters

Walters has been an avid and renowned gambler for decades, his career as a professional poker player having earned him a substantial fortune. He has since given up his seat at major poker tournaments, preferring instead to earn his winnings through audacious sports betting NZ.

Walters saw what he considered to be an unmissable opportunity during the 2010 Super Bowl wherein the Indianapolis Colts were to play the New Orleans Saints. The Colts were widely considered to be the favorites for the win, but Walters believed otherwise.

This premonition led him to place a $3.5 million bet on the Saints to bring home the trophy, which they eventually did. Walters has not revealed how much he won on that historic occasion but given that the odds were vastly in favor of the Colts, we can assume it was a sizeable amount.

Mike Gibbs

Staffordshire resident and construction worker Mike Gibbs demonstrated an uncanny knack for winning accumulator wagers in 1999 and 2001. His initial win cost him only £2.50 and paid out a remarkable £157,000. Gibbs achieved this by correctly foreseeing the outcomes of 9 soccer matches throughout the EU.

His ’99 win, however, was peanuts compared to his victory in 2001. On a bet of only 30p, Gibbs took home an astonishing £500,000. He predicted the outcomes of 15 soccer matches which gave him extremely favorable odds.

Fred Craggs

Craggs is another success story that came from a well predicted accumulator bet. After placing a mere 50p on the outcomes of 8 horse races in various locations around the world, Craggs became £1 million richer.

The fertilizer salesman from Yorkshire went from pauper to prince overnight thanks to his spot-on predications. In a humorous twist of fate, Craggs only became aware of his windfall when he went to place his next bet with the renowned London-based bookmaker William Hill some time later.