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Introduction to Online Fruit Machines

The name fruit machine grew as a result of the image traditionally used for these slots machines, which featured brightly coloured lemons and cherries and other fruit that gamblers would attempt to line up as the spinning reels came to a halt. These games are very popular in the United Kingdom, largely thanks to the fact that they require no especial skills to play and win, and that there are some extraordinary jackpot winnings available to lucky players to boot.

How to Play Fruit Machines

The object of slots games like this is to win money from the virtual machine, and this is done by matching a series of symbols on reels shown on your screen. These are very brightly coloured and instantly recognisable, and can take the form of a wide variety of easily spotted fruit variants.

There are a number of ways you can find success when playing online fruit machines and information on these winning combinations is usually accessible by means of a button on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or personal computer, or are displayed in an area of the same screen the game is making use of.  Should you manage to make a combination according to the rules set out for the game, you will be credited with cash into your online account or something of like value, like extra spins or even entire games.

Fruit Machine Variations Available

Multi line slots machine games have been growing in popularity since the 1990s, and these are best described as machines featuring more than just one payline. The visible symbols do not necessarily have to be aligned horizontally for winnings to be accrued, and there are substantially more ways for players to collect than in the more traditional games featuring a single payline only.

Reel slots machines will usually feature three or five paylines, while video slots can offer as many as nine, 15, 25 or even 243 different ways to win. The majority of the latter have themes that decide the symbols, and these can differ quite widely, although all remain instantly recognisable. Of course these games offer sometimes significantly higher payouts that single line slots, since the more you bet the more you stand to win, and players pay per line for each one they wish to activate.

Like gaming at the websites reviewed by, fruit machines offer players wonderful variety, and quick, fast paced action that is hard to beat. The games feature good animations and audio options, and provide the same access to nudges, gamble wins, free spins, holds, bonus games and skill stops that their real world counterparts do.

Free and Real Money Fruit Machines Online

If you’re interested in trying out fruit machine slots games but are unsure if they will be quite to your taste then simply make use of one of the many free or demo versions available at the majority of online casinos. You will be able to not only find your feet, but also make sure that you will enjoy the real money games before you are required to commit of your own money to them.