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A Brief Guide To Video Pokies for Absolute Beginners

A Brief Guide To Video Pokies for Absolute Beginners

Pokies, or Slots machines, have been growing in popularity since first being introduced in the early 20th century. They’ve also continuously evolved, and today there are well-crafted games of different kinds that can be enjoyed in land-based, online and mobile casinos.

One of the biggest developments in Slots machine history was the introduction of Video Pokies, which simulate the spinning reels on a bright screen. When these came about, the games became more complex and interactive, with far more features and playing extras. More paylines also meant more winning opportunities.

These were preceded by electro-mechanical Slot machines by Bally Manufacturing, with the first real Video Slot machine appearing in 1975. This was the Future Coin, created by Walt Fraley, which was purchased by International Game Technology when the company saw the machine’s potential.

Video Pokies actually became a lot more popular after Video Poker became more widespread, in the late 1970s and early 1980s. They have continued to develop, with more immersive graphics and bonus side games, and even often feature Progressive Jackpots that link the prize pools of several machines together. They all feature detailed themes and storylines, which unfold as you play and are central to the bonus games as well.

How Video Pokies Work

Random and fair results are created for these games using Random Number Generators, or RNGs. These can produce billions of different combinations, so the cycle of the reels can never be determined. Independent auditors check the RNGs annually, to make sure they are performing as they should be.

Progressive Jackpot games are a special sub-category of Video Slot machines, and link several different machines together in a network. A small percentage of every wager on every machine in the network contributes to a central prize pot. As people play, the Jackpot gets progressively bigger and it can be won at any time.

Progressive payouts are truly life-changing, though to balance these huge sums the regular rewards on these machines tend to be lower than on other Slots games. As always, players need to weigh the advantages and disadvantages to the games very carefully, but they do provide the ultimate adrenaline rush to their many proponents.

Future Directions for Video Pokies

Online and mobile Video Slots games keep getting better as technology improves, and today you can spin the virtual reels on many wearable devices as well. Technically all games that you play on a screen are Video Slots, but the term is used to describe the more complex games as opposed to those that are based on a classic 3-reel design.

Flexible software means the games play just as well on Apple, Android and other devices and operating systems, making these just as accessible as online bingo and poker options these days.

The themes in these games are becoming more complex and well-executed as well, and include major television and movie franchises such as The Dark Knight, Hellboy, Playboy, South Park and Game of Thrones.

As they continue to get better and blend into daily life with online and mobile platforms, Video Slots seem set to hold their place of importance in both digital and brick-and-mortar casinos all over the globe.