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A brief History of Slot Machines As We Know Them Today

Slot machines were first introduced to the bars of San Francisco and Brooklyn, in the early 1900s. Bright symbols decorated 3 reels, and when they lined up in a pre-set combination called a payline after being spun players were rewarded with different prizes. These were initially sweets, cigarettes or other small items, but they soon gave way to the cash rewards that we see today.

The games were then introduced to Las Vegas in the 1960s, as a side attraction to keep the wives and girlfriends of the men at the tables entertained. Their potential was soon seen, and they were given the top billing in the casinos on the Strip that they enjoy today.

From there, the popularity of the spinning reels grew to a worldwide phenomenon that continues to this day. Slots machines form the backbone of almost every land-based casino in the world, and are found in almost every country.

The Internet explosion of the 1990s brought many more of the games to many more enthusiasts, and today mobile technology means players can spin anywhere and anytime that works for them. Software is continually evolving as well, delivering more and more immersive experiences to digital players as they simulate the action.

Different Types of Slot Machines

From humble beginnings in Brooklyn and San Francisco’s drinking spots, many different types of Slots games emerged. Classic 3- and 5- reels games that are based on the original machines’ designs are still very popular, especially among Slots purists and those who are new to spinning the reels. The simpler gameplay makes them a good place to start, and their rewards can sometimes be the highest available payouts.

Video Slot machines simulate spinning reels on their screens, and are capable of detailed graphics and even animations. They usually involve bonus rounds and a detailed storyline, which are triggered and unfold as you play. They also tend to have far more paylines than traditionally-based games, and can be centred on anything from deep sea adventures to enchanted gardens to popular television and movie franchises.

The biggest payouts are reserved for the Progressive Jackpot Slot machines, which sink several games together. All players are contributing to and competing for a huge pot, which can be won in different ways. The rewards are much bigger than anything a standalone machine could offer, and usually change the lives of the players lucky enough to win them.

Online Slot Machines

Every type of Slots game that is available in brick-and-mortar casinos is available to online and mobile players as well. The action is simulated, of course, so online games are technically all Video Slots. In terms of online Slots, the word Video is usually used to describe the more complicated games.

Online players enjoy an almost unlimited array of Slots game options, and can usually also play for free in a no-deposit mode as well as for real money. This is a great way to test out or get familiar with a game and be sure you are happy with it before you place any wagers, and a great option when you just want to relax as well. This is why Australian online pokies have become so popular.

However you are playing, it’s important to stay in control and keep a cool head. Slots machines have the potential to award staggering payouts, but losing large amounts of money to them is just as quick. Stick to a playing budget and test machines’ payouts with small bets first. This should help you to enjoy yourself without any bad spinning experiences.