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A Special Guide to Playing Online Bingo in Australia

Bingo is a game that has been around for decades, if not centuries if you look at its earliest forms. Today Bingo is very popular in Australia and with a large slice of the world’s population and its popularity is growing.

Many years ago the only way to play bingo was to go to either an organised event, or a venue that hosted regular games. Today thanks to modern technology we can play online bingo Australia games pretty much anywhere that we are, without having to take a step out of our front doors.

After the internet came the mobile device revolution. Many devices flooded the market, each with their own attractions like screen size and processing power. One of the very first was a device by Apple, with a large touch screen and great sound.

The iPad quickly became one of the world’s most popular mobile devices, and can be bought in any country worldwide.

Software developers took notice of this, and many have designed online games especially to run on the iPad. Online Bingo Australia players can enjoy this game on their iPad or mobile device too, and there are countless versions now available both for download as well as to be played via a web browser.

So many versions in fact, that it may get confusing as to how to find the best online Bingo Australia sites. To do this you need to look at a number of factors.


The first thing to take into account is that not all sites offer access to all regions of the world. Some sites are only for their country of origin, while others are international but restrict players from certain countries.

Go online and use your search engine to find out if your particular region is restricted at all. Once you know this, search for an online Bingo Australia sites that will allow you to create an account and play.

Game Variety

Believe it or not bingo is no longer simply bingo. There are a huge amount of varieties of the game out there, each with different rules and different ways to win.

Your chosen site should have a number of these varieties on offer so that you can stay interested.

Bonuses and Promotions

Another very important part of finding the best online Bingo Australia sites is to choose a gaming destination that offers you great promotions or bonuses for signing up and continuing to use them over any others.

There are loads of sites out there, make sure that yours offers you the most. Promotions could come in the way of a welcome bonus where the site will match your initial deposit, sometimes up to 500%.

There is usually a limit on this offer in the sites currency however. Another offer would be a no deposit bonus, where the site will allocate you a small amount of cash for free to try it out, for example Canadian players get mobile casino no deposit Canada bonus offers to play games without any financial risk. Loyalty points should be on offer for regular players, where you earn points that can be exchanged for cash every time you log on to your site.

Banking and Live Chat

The final thing to look at should be your sites banking methods. They should be safe and well known in Australia, and easily useable. Methods such as major credit cards and well known eWallet services should make up the majority of deposit and withdrawal options.

Live chat should be offered both in game as a means of socialising with other players, as well as a means of customer support so that you can contact the sites advisors at any time.