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Enjoy Roulette Games with an Exclusive Casino Guide

Players wishing to enjoy a roulette game online have a good variety of wagering options to make their selection from:

  • Inside bets, which take the form of choosing the precise number of the pocket in which the ball eventually lands in, or in a small range of these pockets, based on their nearness to the layout
  • Outside bets are those which take on bigger positional groups of pockets; the colour of the pocket; and whether the number pocket in which the ball lands will be even or odd

The payouts for each of these are based on the likelihood of their happening. The roulette game will usually have minimum and maximum bets set for the table, and these will generally apply individually for all of the player’s bets, both inside and outside, for each spin of the wheel.

For the inside wagers at roulette tables, certain casinos may make use of particular chips with various colours in order to distinguish players from one another. Players are able to keep laying wagers as the ball begins to spin around the wheel –until the dealer announces “rien ne va plus”, literally “no more bets”.

Finding a Good Online Roulette Game

Players who enjoy a good roulette game need no longer plan a trip to a brick-and-mortar casino in order to get to one, and can simply make use of their desktops; laptops; smartphones and tablets in order to find and play first-rate real money games at Canadian casinos online.

There are many online casinos which offer this game, and players can make use of very generous bonuses; ongoing promotions and changing special offers to make the most of the time that they spend online playing.

Players who are new to the world of roulette are able to set their own pace for learning it, too, by means of the free and demo versions of the game provided for so widely online, and may take part in all the action without having to lay any real money bets until they are satisfied that they have a good chance of making their money back.

The Roulette Game Payout Process

When a winning colour and number for the roulette game in progress has been determined by the ball landing inside one of the wheel’s pockets, the dealer for the game will lay a marker, or dolly, on the table layout.

When this dolly has been set on the table no more bets may be laid; none collected; and none removed. The dealer then sweeps away all the losing wagers by means of his or her hand or a rake, and will determine the payouts to the inside and outside bets which have been successful.

Once all the payouts have been made the marker will be removed, players will collect their winnings, and new bets may then be laid. The winning chips will stay on the board.

When the roulette game is being played, these processes will all be handled electronically, by means of the software by which the game is being provided.