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Check out the Details about Blackjack- A Popular Casino Game

A French game known as Ving-et-Un, meaning Twenty-One, is believed to have been the forerunner to Blackjack, and the game still often goes by that title. It was played exclusively in aristocratic European houses in the eighteenth century, and it spread from there. Today it brings pleasure and rewards to people from all walks of life and all over the world, including the offline and online casinos of South Africa.

Basic Rules

This game’s blend of strategy and chance is both sophisticated and unique, and it really appeals to the players of today. The rules are quite simple but don’t be fooled – they lead to many complex outcomes and you need to make shrewd decisions based on the random cards you are dealt from the very beginning. Once you’ve started playing you’ll want to keep practising and refining your skills and strategy for the rest of your life, and the more you do this the more your understanding and appreciation for the game will grow. There are many great guidelines, chatrooms and other tools and resources to be discovered online as you progress along your playing journey.

The game is also known as Twenty-One because the objective is to reach a hand total of twenty-one, and the player whose hand is as close to this as possible without going to twenty-two or higher wins the round. Each player is dealt two cards at the start of each round, and so is the dealer who represents the House. All of the Number cards carry their face value, all of the Royal cards carry a value of ten and all of the Ace cards carry a value of eleven or one. Bets need to be placed before the cards are seen, so you are always betting on your hand being the winning one.

Once everyone has seen their initial hand, players may choose to draw as many more cards as they want to, to try and improve their winning chances like many gamblers of real money blackjack Australia. Dealers are required to draw more cards until their hand totals at least seventeen. When all players are finished drawing more cards and are standing, everyone’s hands are revealed. If both your total and the dealer’s total are under twenty-one, you win your bet if your total is more than the dealer’s and you lose if it is less. If the dealer’s hand and your hand are both over twenty-one the house wins, and if you tie with the dealer with a total less than twenty-one you are allowed to keep your wager.

The ultimate hand for any player is the glorious Natural Blackjack, also called a Natural Twenty-One. It is made up of an Ace and a Face card, and delivers an eye-watering 3:2 return. Chasing this hand can become positively addictive!

Use Every Resource

Developing your Blackjack skills is a lifelong process, and playing online allows you to keep improving in so many ways. You can do all the strategy research you want to and then apply it as you are playing, and most online South African casinos allow you to play risk-free in a No Deposit mode as well. This allows you to build your confidence and your skills. Take full advantage of all the ways you can enjoy playing and evolving online.