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How to Play Online Craps

The popularity of many games has come and gone, but a few have stood the test of time, and form the core of the classic casino experience. One such game is craps, a game in which players bet on the outcomes of rolls of the dice.

With the top-rated versions of Online craps available at internet casinos powered by award-winning software developers at android casinos Australia, players don’t need to travel to a physical casino to play the game! These sites offer download and no download playing options for desktop and laptop computers, as well as smartphones and tablets such as Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone. As long as players have an active internet connection, location is no hindrance to great gaming. Players play for free, or they can use banking services protected by data encryption technology to play with real money and stand a chance to win big.

A Beginner’s Introduction to Online Craps

Online craps is the latest form of the dice game that has fascinated and thrilled players for more than 200 years. Craps was developed in the 19th Century, based on a much earlier English game called Hazard which, in turn, may have been based on an even older game, as humanity has used dice in games of chance for millennia.

The online version of the game uses the same playing format as found at the games tables in land-based casinos. The digital playing area is a virtual table marked with specific betting areas. The position of chips on the table determines the payouts in online craps. The basic game play sees players betting on the outcome of one roll or of a series of rolls of two six-sided dice. The digital version of the game uses a random number generator programme to produce the dice roll results. The results of the two dice are added together to determine the roll score.

Players are able to place different types of bets and with some of these, the numbers that appear on the individual dice are important. An example of this is a roll score of nine. A nine comprised of a four and a five is different to a nine comprised of a three and a six.

The bets in online craps use the same names as players would find in land-based casinos. Among these are Any Craps, Any Seven, Pass Line, Don’t Come Bar, Don’t Pass Bar, Come, Big Six, Big Eight, Field Bet, Buy Bet, Hardway Bet, Lay Bet, and Place Bet to Lose. Of these, the most basic and, therefore, the most popular with beginners, is the Pass Line bet.

Placed at the beginning of a round, this bet pays out at even money if the first roll results in a seven or 11. If the dice produce a two, three, or 12, the player loses the round.

Any other number rolled becomes what is known as the Point. Players then have the option to Take the Odds, and place an Odds bet below their Pass Line bets. For the Pass Line bet to pay out at even money, players would need the Point to be rolled a second time before a seven is rolled.

Enjoy Online Craps Action

All players need to do to experience the action and excitement of Online craps is to sign up at top quality online casinos powered by leading software developers and licensed, regulated and independently audited.