Betting Insights

A Guide to Experience Betting Online with the Best Free Bets

There is no doubt about it that South Africans are sports fanatics. From rugby, to cricket, to soccer and other games like netball, hockey, darts and Olympic sports, there is no end to the fun South Africans are able to derive from playing and betting on sports. The sporty nature of our nation means that there is a sport for every person and personality. Kids as young as 5 years old grow up watching sports on television or from the sideline of the court and field with their parents. Taking this into account there is no surprise that online sports betting has become such a popular pastime for people of all ages, backgrounds and interests.

Besides the national preoccupation with sports of all kinds, there is one other reason why so many South Africans are choosing sports betting as a fun and exciting pastime – technology. Tech has come to organise and streamline every facet of our lives, from work to entertainment to basic necessities such as eating and travelling. With your favourite tech device by your side there is virtually nothing you can’t achieve online.

Where Sports and Tech Intersect

Technology has changed the way in which sports are played, perceived and pursued. On a macro level, television and online streaming has ensured that every angle of a game is able to be analysed, replayed, discussed and archived. This has affected the ways in which we consume sport – sport has become a major source of entertainment and business opportunities, all thanks to the exposure which it is given by the development of tech.

On a more micro level the players themselves are able to use their phones and apps as a way to keep track of their diet and exercise regimes, and share these details with their fans via social media. Sports stars have become brand influencers and trendsetters due to the incredible power they yield online and on the field. The representation of sports stars and teams have greatly influenced how we perceive particular sports and how we derive entertainment from sports.

This influence of technology on sports is why sports betting has become so popular in recent years. Sports fans feel deeply and personally involved in every game, and feel like they know the players through social media, and so the interest in getting involved in the game itself has become stronger with every year.

A Platform for All Punters

Whether you are an experienced bettor or relatively new, there is no pressure for you to have it all figured out from the get go, as many sites and apps offer the best free bets to start your journey with absolutely no risk. This means that you are able to practice and hone your betting skills before making any real wagers like Aussie online sports betting enthusiasts. Thus, by the time you bet real money, you will feel confident enough to make a winning bet and win big on your favourite sport, team or player!