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Tips and Strategies for NBA Finals Betting

The basics for NBA Finals betting online comes down to punters knowing the rosters thoroughly, not forgetting to include the role that bench players may play, and then factoring in the obvious effects of the home court advantage that one of the teams will be enjoying.

Punters who put this foundation into place for their wagers will be set on the right track and may well see themselves very quickly starting to enjoy consistent profits from their basketball wagering.

NBA Finals Punters Need to Factor in the Tempo

One of the most useful NBA best bets strategies that punters can put into practice is the one of a thorough understanding of the effects that tempo has on these games, and then betting accordingly. Some basketball teams run a fast; up-tempo offense that features plenty of quick breaks; speedy shots; and big dunks.

Other teams play far more defensively, slowing the action down on each possession, and setting their win-opportunities up far more gradually. You’ll find these kinds of strategies in all sports and so punters watching the NBA or indulging in AFL Grand Final betting should all pay close attention to how teams play when making bets.

When two teams facing off in the NBA Finals have a comparable approach to the game’s meet, it is very clear what kind of tempo the game will be set at, since both teams tend to play that way. But, when two different playing styles clash, some teams will crumble, and other will rise up and meet the new challenges.

When it comes to handicapping a basketball game, punters are urged not to simply focus on the which teams are playing, but look at how they have fared against teams with similar and opposing styles to their own over the season. This will help them decide which team will set the tempo, and more likely emerge the winners of a game as a result.

Punters’ NBA Finals Betting Should Focus on Rebounds

Some handicappers prefer to bet on NBA Finals based on the feel and observations they experience and notice when watching these matches instead of relying too heavily on stats. Of course punters should handicap according to their preferences, but one statistic that should never be ignored is that of rebounding.

The average team takes around 80 shots in each game, with the average college basketball team taking just under 60. That is an average of around 160 shots per NBA game, and just less than 120 for college teams.

When punters do the math on these matches, let alone the NBA Finals, they will see that each team shoots less than 50% over the course of a season, meaning that there are a lot of rebounds up for grabs.

It will surprise no one that the teams that win these battles of the boards on a nightly basis are the same ones that end up facing one another when the NBA Finals begin: punters are urged to study how well each team rebounds, and, if injuries need to be factored in, how well they manage to do this. Teams that master rebounding have a much better chance of coming out on top.