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Explanation about Different NBA Betting Markets Available for Online Punters

There are a number of different bet types available for those who enjoy laying wagers on NBA matches, and many of these are not as straight-down-the-line as the better-known wagers are. They also offer great returns, however, and punters who enjoy this great sport would be doing themselves a favour if they made themselves familiar with them.

Totals, or Over/Under NBA Online Bets

Coming second only to point-spread betting, totals, or over/under NBA wagers, are a particular favourite with punters. With these kinds of bets, the bookmaker will have selected a total number, based on how they think the game will pan out. When it comes to betting totals, the overall numbers can range from an average of 180 to 220, but will vary widely for each game, and from bookmaker to bookmaker. Punters interested in this kind of wager will need to decide what they think the total number of points the game will be either over or under the bookmaker’s amount.

Parlays and Teasers for NBA Online Betting Options

Parlay bets are relatively risky wagers, but remain popular when it comes to NBA online betting for the Playoffs nonetheless. In order to place a parlay bet, punters will need to select a minimum of two totals; moneyline; or point-spread bets, and combine them into one single wager. The risk factor for these is based on the fact that each wager will have to win in order for the punter to receive his or her payout –but this is also the same feature that makes these bets as rewarding as they are. The payouts on these can be huge, and the risk factor increases to reflect this.

Teasers in NBA betting are similar to parlay wagers in that the punter will have combined a number of bets into one, and he or she will need to win each one in order to receive the payout. Teasers, however, allow bettors to adjust the points-spread, or totals-line, in order to minimise their risk if they wish to. Teasers for these matches are ordinarily around four or five points, but will depend on the bookmaker making the bet available, and can sometimes go as high as 16 points.

Live Betting Options for NBA Games

Live betting options for NBA games is not limited to the US market, and is growing exponentially as more bookmakers are stepping up their game and making a point of introducing live betting options and sites. Punters are able to lay wagers on games while the action is unfolding on the court by means of their computers; smartphones; and tablets means they can enjoy sports betting from mobile too, and the sky is the limit when it comes to the kind of adrenaline this kind of wagering is able to provide.

More and more activities are becoming possible by means of the World Wide Web, and the world of online NBA betting is no exception. Punters can look forward to an increase in markets overall, as well as bigger and better offers from bookmakers as they try to secure their business in the cut-throat industry of providing wagers online.