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Online Free Bet Promotions

Every day millions of people all over the world bet on almost every type of sporting event.  Before the arrival of online betting sites, bookmakers were the only places anyone could go to place a bet and view the odds. Today online betting sites have almost completely taken over from their land based counterparts. Online betting has made it easier for people to access sporting odds and place any number of bets on any sport both local and international. For most bettors though, one of the most significant advantages of betting online is taking advantage of the free bet no deposit promotions that are offered only.

What Are Free Bet Promotions

If you are wondering why online betting sites offer bets? The answer is simple; with so many online bookmakers out there, competition can be a bit fierce. One of the best ways for a bookmaker to draw in a new bettor and retain his business is to offer unbeatable sign-up deals and free bet no deposit promotions. There is no guarantee that any bettor will stick with a particular betting site but at the end of the day, they have succeeded in getting you to place a bet and experience their service.

Types of Free Bets and Promotions

If you look online, you will find that there are a number of different types of free bet no deposit and promotional bets that online betting sites offer. Most of them are focused on acquiring new members. The following free bets can be found at most international online sports betting sites:

  • Deposit promotion – This is probably the most common type of free promotion that bettors will come across. In order to qualify for this promotion, bettors have to sign up with a particular online betting site and make a deposit into their betting account. In return the betting site will match your initial deposit up to a certain limit.
  • Free Bet Promotion – Not to be confused with a free bet no deposit promotion, this is a type of free bonus given to bettors when they place their first bet. This is usually a numerical value in whatever currency you are betting with. This type of promotion can also be offered as a match bet where the site will match the first amount of a punter’s first bet.
  • Free bet no deposit promotion – A free bet promotion is basically a sign up promotion similar to a deposit promotion but does not require you to make a deposit. With this type of promotion, a bettor is rewarded simply for creating an account. Online betting sites usually reward bettors with a small free deposit that they can use to place on any bet offered at the site.

What to Know Before You Sign Up

These are the most commonly found free betting promotions at most international online sport betting sites. Of course there are many variations on each of these promotions, each site will have a different promotion to try and make it stand out from the rest. Most promotions also have a very strict set of betting rules that need to be adhered to before a punter can bet or withdraw winning from any free promotion. It is best to understand the rules of the promotion before signing up with any best nz betting sites.