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A Guide To Online Pachinko

Online Pachinko: A Slot Machine with a Pinball Twist

A Japanese game experiencing a popularity explosion among gamers around the world combines classic slot machines with pinball, a game that forms part of the childhood memories of many players. Get in on the action of online pachinko at top quality online casinos, and enjoy light-hearted entertainment, intense thrills, and the chance to win big.

The digital version of the game is a faithful reproduction of the game as played in land-based casinos since the early 20th century. Not much is known about the origins of the game, other than that it was created in Japan, and is possibly based on the American pinball machine. Some players may even have had an introduction to a simplified version of the game as children, after finding one in a lucky packet or winning one from a funfair game.

A Brief Introduction to Online Pachinko

Online pachinko gameplay follows that of the land-based version, where players shoot a small ball up into a vertical playing board.

The board is marked with pockets and various obstacles that could appear as nails, pins, and various colourful items. The player’s goal is to get the ball into a pocket that triggers the slot reels in the centre of the board to spin.

Successful symbol combinations on the reels could bring players extra balls or big wins.

Players at online casinos Australia need to take care, as not all of the pockets trigger the reels. Some will swallow the ball, and end that round of the game.

A Quick Guide to Playing Online Pachinko

Once players have signed up at a top online casino and, if playing with real money have funded their accounts, they’re ready to start playing Online pachinko. At the start of the game, players will have the opportunity to place bets, and then pull the launch lever at the side of the virtual playing board downward to launch the ball.

The further down the lever is pulled, the greater the force of the launch of the ball.

When players release the lever, the ball shoots up a channel on the left side of the board, and drops into the board. From there, the ball tumbles, rolls, bounces and ricochets its way around obstacles as it makes its way down.

In online pachinko, the ball could either reach the bottom of the board, fall into a Drop Bucket or Wings, or fall into the centre of the board. If a ball falls into the centre or a Wing, one or more Wings will open. Balls that fall into the centre could win players extra balls.

Download and No Download Playing Options

Players who want instant access to this exciting game at top quality online casinos need a desktop or laptop computer, and an active internet connection. Within a few clicks of a mouse, players can enjoy online pachinko action by playing the no download Flash versions of the game in browser.

Players also have the option of downloading free casino software for PC. This is the option recommended by many sites, as it offers full access to their games libraries, as well as other features.

The game can also be enjoyed on the go by players with smartphones and tablets such as Android, Windows Phone, iPhone, and iPad.